New York Giants injured quarterback Daniel Jones (8) watches warmups before a game against the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Aggregation. It’s the bane of many a media member’s existence. But it’s also pretty hard to escape given the media model we’ve created for ourselves.

Few aggregators have annoyed media folks more than Dov Kleiman. The definitely real social media poster is often cited as someone who pulls juicy quotes and misconstrues news to boost his engagement. For his part, Kleiman defends his process and says that he always acts above board when offering up information and providing credit for what he shares.

With the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine in full swing, it’s prime time for NFL reporters and their aggregators when it comes to inside scoops regarding draft prospects and potential trades to land them. On Friday, SNY’s Connor Hughes shared some intriguing insight on the New York Giants and their desire to find a new quarterback.

“The worst-kept secret of the NFL Combine might not just be the Giants’ desire to select a quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft, but their willingness to trade up to go get a quarterback in this year’s draft,” said Hughes. “The problem though is, is there going to be one to go up there and take?”

Hughes added that while the Giants “want” a quarterback to replace Daniel Jones, “that player might not be there this year.”

It’s a solid scoop on its own, so it was understandable that Kleiman and others would want to aggregate it. However, when he did, Kleiman wrote that the Giants were “actively looking to trade up” for a quarterback, which isn’t exactly what Hughes said. And when he noticed the post on X, Hughes responded.

“This is not what I said,” wrote Hughes.

When some X users started pushing back on Hughes, saying that what Kleiman wrote was exactly what he said, the reporter explained the semantic difference.

“I didn’t say they’re actively trying to trade up the draft for a QB. I said they’re willing to,” wrote Hughes. “As in if a guy they love is there, they’re willing to go get him. Major difference lol.”

Perhaps the difference doesn’t seem all that big, but given the standard that reporters like Hughes are held up, especially by the teams they are reporting on, semantics count. And there’s a large gulf between “actively trying” and “willing to” in the eyes of the Giants, who would probably be mad to see it reported that way if it wasn’t true.

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