Where will the 2017 NFL Draft be held?

Well, if you ask Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady, the answer is Philadelphia. Here’s what Brady told Philly.com:

“We’ve been dealing with this for the past couple of weeks, maybe three weeks, and [Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney] just called me this afternoon and told me that we got the NFL, that the city is going to do it and he feels comfortable that the people who said they were going to help raise the money are going to do it.”

 If you ask Kenney, Philadelphia’s mayor, the draft actually is not coming to the City of Brotherly Love:

Kenney spokeswoman Lauren Hitt wrote in an email Thursday that the city had not signed a deal with the NFL.

“I can’t speak for the congressman, but I can tell you that the city has definitely not been awarded the draft,” Hitt wrote.

If you ask the NFL, the draft could be held anywhere.

Brian McCarthy, vice president of communications for the NFL, wrote in an email Thursday night that “we have no agreements with any cities to host future drafts.”


The last two NFL Drafts were held in Chicago, and the 50 before that were hosted by New York. The draft last came to Philadelphia in 1961.

It’s pretty wild that a congressman and a mayor could have their signals crossed so drastically. Brady is out here explaining the nuts and bolts of where in Philly the draft is going to be held and what the stage will look like, while Kenney denies knowing a thing about it. Either this is a case of a mayor being left in the dark or a congressman speaking out of turn.

Meanwhile, who knows where the 2017 NFL Draft will be held.

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