The Indianapolis Colts fired general manager Ryan Grigson on Saturday, ending his five year tenure running a mostly disappointing team.

The Colts went 49-31 with Grigson in charge but finished only 8-8 each of the past two seasons after three straight 11-5 campaigns. Given that Grigson’s Colts were building around one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the NFL, their inability to establish themselves among the AFC’s best teams felt disappointing.

One person who is not sad to see Grigson go is longtime Colts punter Pat McAfee, who did not hide his relief on Twitter. In the minutes after Grigson’s firing was announced, McAfee tweeted the following:

ESPN analyst Dan Dakich, who has a long history of public feuds and may or may not be friends with Grigson (we’ll get to that), promptly subtweeted McAfee for no real reason.

McAfee responded quite strongly, accusing Grigson of “treat[ing] humans absolutely horrendously for 5 years.”

Dakich shot back by once again demeaning McAfee’s position.

Dakich seems to be alleging that because McAfee is the punter he’s not allowed to have opinions about his boss, which is certainly an odd point.

Dakich then claimed he had to end this absurd Twitter feud to go call a game but continued to dis McAfee anyway.

The McAfee-Dakich feud now seems to be over after McAfee praised Dakich and Dakich stood down.

It’s still unclear why Dakich felt so aggrieved over McAfee criticizing Grigson (who he says isn’t his friend), but apparently all it took to bury the hatchet was a little compliment.

But, as it turns out, McAfee wasn’t done picking fights with the media. After settling the score with Dakich, he for some reason felt the need to call out NFL Network.

Weird, all around.

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