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Despite Aaron Rodgers pleading with the media to stop calling ayahuasca a drug, Colin Cowherd doesn’t seem ready to oblige.

During his Tuesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers went on an epically long tangent bashing the media for repeatedly referring to ayahuasca as a drug. The essay prompted McAfee to cite Cowherd previously comparing Rodgers’ experience with ayahuasca to a college kid having a hangover after too many rum drinks, an analogy the Fox Sports Radio host won’t back down from.

“Sometimes I think Aaron Rodgers is a little out there, but whatever,” Cowherd said this week in response to the quarterback’s segment with McAfee. “And he was talking about taking ayahuasca, which is a psychedelic. And I poked fun of him. He basically vomited and pooped all weekend and he said he entered a new realm.”

Weeks after the media moved on from Rodgers’ detailed experience with ayahuasca, the drug (or plant) returned to the news on Sunday when the Green Bay Packers made the psychedelic brew a focal point of their touchdown celebration. Their quarterback, however, took issue with how the celebration was portrayed.

“I kept reading these articles about us doing ‘a drug celebration’ and ‘drug this’ or ‘drug that.’ It’s not a drug. It’s a plant,” Rodgers told McAfee.

The definitive claim sparked Cowherd’s kinship for analogies.

“Well Aaron, vodka is just distilled potatoes. Can my 16-year-old son go into a liquor store and say, ‘can I have a bottle of potatoes?’” Cowherd asked. “Those potatoes become an alcohol. For the record, heroin comes from poppy seeds, and cocaine comes from a coca leaf, they’re both still drugs.”

“Aaron has every right to talk about drugs,” Cowherd continued. “And he does have a new girlfriend, Blue of Earth and she’s very spiritual and he’s very spiritual, but I have to push back a little when you’re just saying, ‘weed’s not a drug, it’s a plant.’”

What qualifies as a drug vs what should be considered a plant is relatively low on a scale of what’s important to me. But with Cowherd and Rodgers both feeling so passionately about the topic, they should stop using McAfee as a buffer and hash it out themselves. Rodgers certainly doesn’t appear one to turn down many podcast invites.

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