CNN Taylor Swift CNN reporter Harry Enten had some “choice words” for Taylor Swift. Credit: CNN

The NFL Playoffs are high-stakes and generate nationwide excitement. A lot is on the line, and fans’ passions are put on display oftentimes. Sometimes, it overflows into something it doesn’t need to be. But there’s nothing wrong with occasional light-hearted jabbing. The Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs have had some incredible playoff bouts before, and on Sunday, they’ll renew hostilities in Buffalo. Unsurprisingly, pop mega-star Taylor Swift is expected to be in attendance to support the Chiefs and her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The Bills desperately want to get over the hump and the Chiefs have represented that hump before. So Bills fans might be willing to forsake some things in favor of winning. Decorum might be one of them. CNN reporter Harry Enten is hoping for a Buffalo victory over the Chiefs, so much so that he hopes something in particular happens. It’s not even related to any of the players.

It’s Taylor Swift, and Enten is not only rooting for a Bills victory, but for tears to be shed. Not just happy ones, either. Enten wants to see the pop mega-star cry tears of defeat.

“I’m hoping she’s probably crying at the end of Sunday because that’ll mean my Buffalo Bills have won,” Enten said. “So this is the one time I am rooting against Taylor Swift.”

Host Anderson Cooper remarked that the statement was “harsh.” Fair. Pleasantries in January among NFL fans are just hard to come by. It could be worse. He could have suggested she was a “DISTRACTION” or whatever it is they’re saying nowadays.

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