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Whether you call it the “tush push” or the “Brotherly Shove,” the Philadelphia Eagles’ goalline quarterback sneak playcall has plenty of critics. That includes opposing NFL coaches and executives who want to see it banned over the way

In the meantime, NBC Sports’ Chris Simms has an idea on how to get the Eagles and others to stop running the play.

“If I was a defensive coach, I’d be going, ‘Go headhunting on the quarterback here. Go ahead. Let ’em have it. Dive over. Go crazy. Try to kill the quarterback.’ That’s what I would do,” Simms said during Wednesday’s episode of PFT Live.

We didn’t say it was a smart idea or a good idea. But it’s an idea nonetheless.

Co-host Mike Florio immediately saw the problem with Simms’ comments and made it clear that “I didn’t say that” and “That’s not what Chris means,” attempting to save his co-host from himself. That prompted Simms to take a step back and say “I don’t mean it like that…you know I don’t mean ‘kill’ but I mean, just, make him pay, make him think twice about doing it.”

That clarification didn’t do much to save face in the eyes of a lot of NFL fans, especially Eagles fans who are already tired of seeing Simms come for their team and quarterback Jalen Hurts.

The NFL cannot possibly be happy about someone working for one of their broadcasting partners essentially calling for a bounty on the head of a quarterback. The league doesn’t always bring down the hammer, but it memorably brought it down on Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints over BountyGate for doing what Simms is calling for here.

We’d have to imagine some people high up at NBC Sports aren’t too pleased with the rhetoric either, something Florio appeared to be very aware of right away.

Specifics aside, Simms continues to cement his reputation as someone with extremely over-the-top takes about NFL quarterbacks that don’t pan out. He spent a lot of time last season taking Hurts to task before Hurts almost led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory. He’s also gotten himself in hot water with comments around Tua Tagovailoa, who is currently leading the league’s most potent offense.

It appears that Simms’ latest comments might have gotten back to Hurts, who told reporters Wednesday that he is unconcerned with any issues around the “tush push.”

“I have no thoughts on it,” Hurts said. “We’re the only people that’s doing it as well as we are. You know, [I] heard a guy wanted me hurt for it, too.”

The play might ultimately get banned, especially if the Eagles continue to run it so well. But defenses do have an alternative strategy they could implement for stopping it…just tackle the guy.

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