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As Aaron Rodgers prepares for the 2024 NFL season, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is advising the quarterback to ditch his weekly appearances on The Pat McAfee Show.

Rodgers urged the Jets to “flush the bullsh*t” in January, adding, “the bullsh*t that has nothing to do with winning has to get out of the building.” Russo wants the polarizing quarterback to take his own advice, and that includes putting a stop to Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays on The Pat McAfee Show.

“Rodgers thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. He’s not,” Russo told Suzy Shuster on The Rich Eisen Show. “Here’s what I want Aaron Rodgers to do…How about Aaron this year, keeps his mouth shut, no Hard Knocks. Go out there, lead the Jets to 12, 13 wins and challenge the Chiefs to win it all. How about that? How about Rodgers just do that, not necessarily go on Pat McAfee every Tuesday to tell us what he thinks about the world.”

Since imploring the Jets organization and his teammates to “flush the bullsh*t,” after last season, Rodgers has feuded with Jimmy Kimmel, entertained a VP role on Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s ticket, did a lengthy sit-down with Tucker Carlson, and appeared on several podcasts where he spewed wild conspiracies.

Speaking to the media Tuesday afternoon at Jets OTAs, Rodgers, however, wouldn’t label those offseason podcast appearances and VP considerations “bullsh*t.” Instead, Rodgers claimed they were “real opportunities.” The Jets quarterback added, “Once the season starts, it’s all about football.”

Where does that leave The Pat McAfee Show? Does Rodgers consider those interviews all about football? Or will he consider taking Russo’s advice?

“We’re all interested because it’s Aaron Rodgers,” Russo admitted. “But I can live if I don’t hear Aaron Rodgers for 25 minutes every Tuesday…play the games on Sunday and Monday, play well, handle the media, and that’s enough. That’s what I want Rodgers to do. I don’t need to hear his world thoughts on Ukraine, China, vaccine – I’m not interested – play good football in a big game.”

There was a moment where it appeared McAfee might be ready to part ways with Rodgers earlier this year amid the Kimmel backlash. But one day after noting he was “pumped” to get a break from dealing with the criticism that inevitably comes from Rodgers steering his appearances into topics that have nothing to do with football, McAfee welcomed him back on the show.

McAfee might not appreciate Russo’s attempt at programming his  show, but the SiriusXM Radio host and First Take contributor seems unlikely to sway Rodgers’ media plans for the 2024 NFL season. If the Jets quarterback does ignore Russo’s advice to restart Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays in September, it will be his fifth consecutive season on The Pat McAfee Show.

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