A moment equal parts awkward and hilarious ensued on Saturday's NFL Gameday Final after Chris Rose asked Maurice Jones Drew a question. Photo Credit: NFL Network Photo Credit: NFL Network

Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night, Chris Rose and Maurice Jones-Drew were on the set of NFL GameDay Final, talking about the game that they had just seen.

During that, Rose and Jones-Drew created a classic moment of unintentional comedy, thanks to an accidental (or presumably accidental) double entendre and a classic reaction from Jones-Drew.

Despite what was a bumpier regular season than they’ve experienced during Patrick Mahomes’ career, the Chiefs are back in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs. And if the Pittsburgh Steelers can defeat the Buffalo Bills on Monday, the Chiefs will even host that game.

Because, while the Mahomes-led offense has struggled more than it has in the past, the Kansas City defense has been better than it’s been in recent seasons. What Rose wanted to ask Jones-Drew was if he felt the Chiefs’ defense was good enough to carry the team on another deep playoff run or potentially, another championship. And if that’s how he worded the question, this would be a non-story. Of course, that’s not how he worded the question.

“This is far and away the best defense that Patrick Mahomes has had, right?” Rose asked to his agreeing co-host. “I mean, is it possible that they could ride the D?”

And as funny as Rose’s wording was, the reaction from Jones-Drew makes it even better. From the noises he made as he processed what Rose said, to the face he gave Rose, the awkward pause and then finally saying “OK” after Rose clarified, “the defense.”

Rose later tweeted a selfie of himself and Jones-Drew. The caption read, “When you leave you dude hanging on the set, you will get this look. “Should have said DEFENSE, Rose!”

We’re sure happy he didn’t say “defense,” though. This was just a top-notch moment.

[Chris Rose on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: NFL Network]

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