Chris Russo PHOENIX, AZ – JANUARY 30: Radio host Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo attends SiriusXM at Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row at the Phoenix Convention Center on January 30, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

YouTube TV will offer NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time this coming season. The NFL’s dominant sports TV package, which includes all the NFL games every week, will be offered on a service that isn’t DirecTV for the very first time. Unfortunately, not everyone is handling the adjustment well. That includes famed radio personality Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

Russo apparently had a difficult time trying to subscribe to Sunday Ticket on the new service. SI’s Jimmy Traina clipped two minutes off a 15-minute rant that “Mad Dog” let fly on his show on Mad Dog Unleashed on SiriusXM.

“Here’s this gadget, Chris, you’ve gotta sign up here! Give me your e-mail address there! Here’s your receipt. No, you can’t do it on this, you’ve gotta do it by your phone. I mean, it’s impossible! All they wanna do is lose money! THAT’S ALL THEY WANNA DO!” Russo shouted, and it just got started there.

“Lose money with the service and lose money with fatso’s picks! That’s all they care about! And they won’t let me do it! So the NFL and YouTube, whether it’s YouTube TV, regular YouTube, who knows what it is!? The only reason why I put YouTube is on is to see an old David Crosby interview! That’s the only reason! Or find a Bob Dylan song! I mean, my God almighty!

“That’s all I care about!” he yelled. “But they don’t allow me to do it because in this age, 2023, if you are not tech-savvy with your televisions and all your quote-unquote ‘devices,’ you’re FINISHED!”

Funnily enough, Russo’s rant on NFL Sunday Ticket comes on the heels of a similar rant on tech savviness by his former radio partner. Earlier this week, Mike Francesa blasted the New York Yankees over the way they’ve handled their television rights. So even though the two are away from each other, they still wind up coming off similarly anyway. Funny how that works.

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