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The vast majority of media members in New York have been extremely critical of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson during his tenure with the team. Many have completely given up on him as the quarterback of the future in New York. And surprisingly, one media member in particular, Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo, came to his defense on Tuesday in response to Jets legend Joe Namath criticizing Wilson on Monday.

After the Jets loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, Namath offered a very harsh critique of Wilson’s tenure with the team.

He was asked by Michael Kay what he would do to help Wilson play better. And Namath responded by stating that he had “seen enough” of Wilson and that the team should trade him.

“Send him to Kansas City to back up against somebody like Mahomes, maybe he’d learn something,” Namath said during an appearance on The Michael Kay Show. “I wouldn’t keep him. I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson. Alright, I’ve seen enough. He has quick feet, he can throw a little bit. But I don’t believe what is going on up there.”

Russo took notice of Namath’s comments and fired back in defense of Wilson during Mad Dog Unleashed on Sirius XM Radio on Tuesday.

“I love (Joe) Namath, I’ve known him forever, we have had him on a million times,” said Russo in a video shared by Funhouse on Twitter. “He’s a very good guy. But do we need Joe (Namath) going on Michael Kay’s radio show basically calling Zach Wilson’s play disgusting? And that he has to get out of there tomorrow? That’s what we need? An 80-year-old man going on a radio show in New York and basically says that the Jets quarterback is a disaster. A young quarterback trying to find his footing.”

He then went on to say that he “feels bad” for Wilson, as he has practically been picked apart and criticized since his first NFL snap in New York.

“(Joe) Namath is the reason the Jets are the Jets. The problem is, Zach Wilson has been destroyed by every Jets fan that I know. Killed, tarred, and feathered. And that last thing the kid needs is Joe Willy to go on a big radio station and sit there and call him incompetent. I really feel sorry for the kid. It’s a tough spot. How many times are you going to treat him like a piñata?”

Wilson’s play in New York obviously hasn’t been up to par. That being said, Russo actually has a point, as Wilson seemingly has zero confidence in himself anymore after being ripped apart by nearly every news outlet and Jets fan in the country.

It obviously remains to be seen whether Wilson can turn his career in New York around or not. But it at least has to feel good for him that he seemingly has one supporter left in Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo.

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