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There are so many layers to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s rant on having a difficult time trying to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket for the upcoming season. The NFL’s dominant sports TV package, which includes all the NFL games every week, will be offered on YouTube TV for the very first time this coming season.

Russo, as only he could, described his difficulty in trying to subscribe to Sunday Ticket on the new service. SI’s Jimmy Traina clipped two minutes off a 15-minute rant that “Mad Dog” let fly on his show on Mad Dog Unleashed on SiriusXM.

Wait, it gets better.

Russo blamed the NFL for ruining his relationship with God. Seriously.

According to Traina, Russo said that the 9:30 a.m. games make him feel like a bad Catholic because he’s worried more about Trevor Lawrence converting a third down than he is in church listening to a sermon. If he loses his bets, he feels guilty and puts less money in the collection basket.

“But now I can’t even bet the 9:30 [a.m.] game in October because I can’t watch the damn thing…I don’t like to bet the 9:30 games, but I do. I think it’s almost sacrilegious. I’m in church, and instead of thinking of the sermon and taking communion and making sure my mother can walk up there, I’m thinking about whether Trevor Lawrence got a first down on third-and-8. Thinking about the money that I may lose.

“And the funny thing about that. I try not to do this. You know what I do to punish myself? I say, if I lose this week in bets, I’m gonna give less money to the church, so it’s a double whammy. I lose money in bets, the bookie gets it, and the church doesn’t.”

He truly is a national treasure.

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