Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium Dec 26, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Empty stands at the fifty yard line are seen before a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes in life, you’ll see something happen and go, “Well, I didn’t have that on my BINGO card.” Such is life in Kansas City, where a miraculous play nearly gave the Chiefs the win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. But officials rightly ruled that Kadarius Toney was lined up offsides, nullifying the play. That led to the Chiefs’ demise to the Bills. The spectacular went up in smoke, in this case.

Sure enough, the absurdities didn’t stop after the clock went quadruple zeros at Arrowhead Stadium. Matt Derrick of, and a contributor to Sports Radio 810 and 580 Sports Talk in Kansas City, made a note of something extremely absurd:

“OK I’ve seen it all tonight,” Derrick said on X, the website formerly known as Twitter. “Chris Jones abruptly ended his press conference as a ceiling tile fell on members of the media in the press conference room.”

Fortunately, based on a check of Derrick’s timeline and otherwise, no reported injuries appear to have surfaced from this bizarre and abrupt incident. That’s certainly a relief, considering the alternative could have turned catastrophic.

Given the fact that no one was hurt, that led several on the website to make the same joke–that the sky was falling in Kansas City.

It’s probably good to be lighthearted about something if you’re a Chiefs fan. The way this season has gone has been far from their usual behavior. Their shocking lack of accountability at the end of the game over a pretty obvious penalty – there’s no grey area for a binary rule like offsides – was revealing. Not in a good way, either.

Hopefully, the next go around features less destruction, though. I think everyone, media members or otherwise, would likely appreciate it.

[Matt Derrick]

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