Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson on "The Nightcap" with co-host Shannon Sharpe. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on “The Nightcap” with co-host Shannon Sharpe.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s vow to retire if the Arizona Diamondbacks won the National League Championship Series might seem extreme, but Chad “Ochocino” Johnson takes confidence to a whole new level.

Johnson is so sure the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl that he’s pledged to give up McDonald’s for a year, end his marriage with Sharelle Rosado, and abstain from sex for the remainder of the year. On that latter front, he reminded his Nightcap co-host, Shannon Sharpe, that he indeed has a hand.

Sharpe was quick to express skepticism about Johnson’s commitment to his unconventional albeit extremely personal bet, hinting that the former Cincinnati Bengals receiver might find McDonald’s particularly difficult to give up.

“I can do it,” Johnson said. “Something I have is called discipline. Discipline is the best trait, the best asset I do have. So, if I had to give up McDonald’s…Listen, for one, the Chiefs not losing; let’s start there. I’ve seen the script.”

Sharpe suggested it might be easier for him to abstain from certain actions than others. Johnson disagreed, jokingly referencing how he once delayed fulfilling a specific expectation of his wife for two years, something Sharpe acknowledged as relevant to his point.

Sharpe countleslsy insisted that he doesn’t believe that Johnson could go three days without McDonald’s.

“I tried to be Muslim once,” said Johnson. “I was Muslim. I was reading the Quran.”

Sharpe wasn’t buying it, but Johnson fired back, claiming he’d already faced similar restrictions when he practiced Islam for six months. But Sharpe wasn’t convinced, pointing out some differences in how they understood some of those dietary limitations.

“You don’t understand, the Chiefs are not losing,” Johnson added. “And the fact that you’re even betting against Patrick Mahomes is asinine.”

That’s when Sharpe reminded Johnson that he bet against Patrick Mahomes two weeks prior in the AFC Championship Game when they played the Baltimore Ravens.

Only time will tell if Johnson’s confidence and willingness to make such outrageous bets will translate into reality. The Super Bowl awaits, and with it, the answer to how far Johnson is truly willing to go for his beloved Chiefs. You know, the same team he bet against two weeks prior.

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