As time expired in the first half of Sunday’s Cardinals-Lions game, Detroit kicker Matt Prater entered the game to attempt a 58-yard field goal.

Though Prater has a famously strong leg, no one could have realistically expected him to convert this kick. After all, the entire league sometimes goes a season without a field goal of that distance. With that in mind, the cameramen behind the goal posts were probably not too nervous about their position on this particular kick. For the ball to come anywhere near them, Prater would have to drill the ball right through the uprights with a little room to spare. They’d be able to get their cool shots of the ball coming toward the posts, without too much fear of it coming toward them.

Well, not only did Prater nail the kick, he nailed a poor cameraman right where it hurts.

We’ve gotta say, this guy is a champion cameraman. You’ll notice that his colleague in the blue shirt ducked away just a bit as the ball came toward him, but our man in red hung in there and took one for the team. Even after he was hit, he flinched only slightly and kept on filming. Though surely he felt it a few second later, he held on long enough to capture the full field goal.

We’re hoping that was one hell of a camera shot. He really earned it.

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