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Cam Newton is retired from the NFL and now hosts a YouTube show on his personal channel, which boasts nearly 1 million subscribers.

Newton joined The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and explained his approach to broadcasting and how Pat McAfee showed him the importance of being purposeful and respectful even as a former athlete in the media.

Asked by Patrick what he would have told himself at a younger age to be more prepared for life as an athlete, Newton said it came back to personal brand and image — “and the purpose of it.”

“You see it in real time with Pat McAfee,” Newton explained. “I don’t necessarily know Pat’s educational growth, but … I went through it having real personal experience, and if I go back to that 20-year-old self, I would take on the importance of controlling (identity as an athlete).”

Newton’s run-ins with bad headlines helped him realize what his guests or interview subjects might be feeling when he is creating content nowadays.

“You’re talking to a person, I’ve been in the media a time or two and been burned,” Newton said. “I never want the guest or the talent to feel like I’m exploiting them for clickbait. I know how to be curious, I know how to shut my *** up too.”

In addition to the podcast, Newton is currently touring the country performing live shows alongside Brandon Marshall.

While Newton still hopes to return to the NFL and believes his big personality is keeping teams from calling him, he is embracing a newfound respect from audiences. And he is doing his best to pay it forward.

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