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Since entering the media, Cam Newton has tried to be unconventional in a conventional space.

He’s sparked controversy with his comments on Dak Prescott and Brock Purdy, amongst others, taking aim at the traditional quarterback model. And now Newton is taking aim at the traditional former player to broadcast booth model, questioning on his 4th & 1 podcast why the same opportunities aren’t afforded to minorities.

“I’m always gonna tell Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Greg Olsen, Troy Aikman to get the bag,” Newton explained. “What I am doing is saying, how in the world are they the only ones that’s getting access to these types of contracts? Because somebody told me, they say, ‘Well, you don’t get these contracts because you’re not polished yet.’ What type of media training did Tony Romo have before he just popped up commentating on the game? And he does a damn good job.

“Tom Brady, same thing. I ain’t seen Tom Brady cover no…”

Newton’s co-host Omari Collins pointed out that those like Brady could be putting in the work behind the scenes. And while that’s true, those reps didn’t come until after arguably the greatest quarterback of all time had already accepted the NFL on Fox gig. As for Collins, he made the point about how Brady and others skipped the line in front of a lot of people.

“That is my point,” Newton said. “How can we get other minorities to skip the line, too? Because we all know ball.”

Newton raises an interesting point, and it’s a conversation that goes beyond him. The need for more diverse voices and perspectives is crucial across many industries, not just sports broadcasting. But we haven’t yet seen a minority figure demonstrably “skip the line” in the way some former white quarterbacks have. Until that changes, Newton will likely continue to advocate for change in the broadcast booth.

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