Brett Favre Brett Favre. (USA Today Sports.)

Over the past several months, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has been the source of many unsavory headlines due to his alleged involvement in a Mississippi welfare scandal. But Favre seems to have found a solution to all the bad press by simply telling people not to watch or read the news.

This week, Favre appeared on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast “Triggered” where he spoke to the former president’s son about a number of things from his football career to his political leanings. During the appearance, the subject of media coverage came up in conversation and Favre made it clear that he does not subscribe to the media because it is controlled by “the left.”

“If you’re watching the news, depending on who you’re watching, 99.9% of the news is the left. So there’s a huge agenda,” Favre said on the podcast. “They control the narrative.”

As a result of his fears that the liberal media was controlling “the narrative,” Favre went on to suggest that nobody should watch or read the news.

“The best way to squash that is don’t watch it – don’t listen,” Favre said.

It’s quite audacious for Favre to suggest that people shouldn’t watch the news as he’s routinely been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a result, Favre took some heat for his comments, and nobody blasted him more than the author of his biography “Gunslinger.”

“I wrote Brett Favre’s biography, ‘Gunslinger.’ I can say with 100 percent certainty the man is an idiot. This is unambiguous,” Pearlman wrote in a tweet.

Pearlman has spoken out against Favre before, posting a series of tweets claiming Favre is “a bad guy” who “doesn’t deserve the icon treatment” and urging people not to read his biography.

[Jeff Pearlman]