Boomer and Gio attempt to understand the mystery of Dov Kleiman

Dov Kleiman maintains he’s just a guy who aggregates breaking news for the people. But the internet maintains many other theories about who the shadowy NFL Insider is.

WFAN morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti went viral earlier this week for simply asking the question, who is Dov Kleiman? Boomer and Gio broached the topic again on Wednesday, with Esiason adding a theory about the supposed NFL Insider that he claims came from a media person he trusts. According to Esiason’s source, Kleiman is Tom Brady’s guy.

“I got told from somebody in our business, who I really do trust and I do really like,” Esiason said without mentioning the person’s name. “But this person reached out to me yesterday and said, he believes that Dov Kleiman is a plant for Tom Brady.”

If you scour Kleiman’s feed, there are a lot of tweets and glowing endorsements of Brady. But in defense of Kleiman, he wouldn’t be the first NFL media member to be enamored with Brady. In fact I’m sure many media members are chomping at the bit for all this Aaron Rodgers news to be resolved so they can get back to dreaming of Brady’s second NFL comeback.

“They believe Dov Kleiman is a plant for Tom Brady,” Esiason reiterated before asking Giannotti if he agrees that this info came from a trustworthy source. “The guy who said that to me, wouldn’t you take it seriously?”

“You shared that name with me and I would agree,” said Giannotti. “Very well-respected person in sports media, yes. And this person is not someone who says radical, out of left field things.”

Who is Dov Kleiman and why won’t he show his face? Is Dov Kleiman an alias to conceal a protective order? Is he a plant for Tom Brady? Is he a billionaire? Or is he simply a nice guy doing a nice service by aggregating breaking NFL news for free and for the people?

Esiason and Giannotti gave Kleiman the opportunity to come on-air, but he declined, instead offering an off-air Zoom meeting, claiming he’s too boring to go on TV or radio. Instead, Kleiman is reportedly getting a feature by The New York Post, that was conducted via direct message and email.

TV and radio are filled with boring people. And judging by the fact that Awful Announcing’s tweet of Boomer and Gio discussing Kleiman garnered more than two million views, he’s definitely a person interesting enough for an on-air interview.


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