In the first trailer for Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons trotted out his new ability to swear on HBO by proclaiming “I believe that Billionaires should pay for their own fucking football stadiums.” On last night’s episode, Simmons drilled down on that subject further as he strongly made the case why the upcoming ballot measure for a new Chargers stadium is a terrible deal for taxpayers.

Watch below as Simmons just ethers the Chargers and taxpayer-funded stadiums in general:


If you’re wondering if the measure is likely to pass, recent poll numbers indicate it’s highly unlikely with 36% of respondents saying they’d vote for it and the measure requiring 66% to pass. With that in mind, it seems inevitable that the Chargers are on their way to Los Angeles at this point and will join the Rams in their new stadium. One stadium for two teams seems to be working out in New York, so maybe it’s all for the better given Chargers fans in San Diego will still have the option to make the drive up to Los Angeles. Perhaps the Chargers may even come back to San Diego for a game or so a year even when they move.

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