NBC New York's Twitter/X page continued its trolling of the Patriots on Thursday when Bill Belichick's departure was announced. Photo Credit: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL’s hiring cycle nearly complete, it looks like six-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick will be without a head coaching job for the 2024 season after parting ways with the New England Patriots earlier this month. But even though fans might not see Belichick on the sidelines next fall, it doesn’t mean they won’t see him on television, as it sounds like Belichick is expected to take a broadcast job for at least the 2024 season.

In a report this week, NFL insider Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports cited “several sources” who expect Belichick to take a job on television in 2024.

Jones points out that Belichick has actually done television both locally in New England as well as nationally and could bring a lot to a network as a noted historian of the game in addition to his obvious expertise as a six-time Super Bowl champion head coach. As a result, he would have no shortage of suitors.

“Every network would want him,” one media agent told Jones. “He would revolutionize media with the way he prepares.”

The agent told Jones that while Belichick will be highly coveted by any and all networks, he would be best served as a studio analyst instead of calling a game as an announcer, saying that his voice presence “isn’t big enough” to call a game.

While there are mixed expectations for what he could bring to a network with Mike Tirico insisting Belichick would be “awesome” on TV and Fred Toucher saying he would be “terrible” as a broadcaster, it’s clear that Belichick would have no shortage of suitors if he did decide to step into the media world. He’s already been offered a job at The Ringer by Bill Simmons, and Pat McAfee insists that his show will be “in the running” to land Belichick.

If Belichick does decide to pursue a job in media, there’s a good chance it’s only a temporary respite from coaching – much like Sean Payton last season – rather than a full-on retirement. Belichick made it pretty clear that he intended to continue coaching after his departure from New England, and he’s still just 15 wins shy of breaking Don Shula’s record for all-time wins.

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