Bill Belichick press conference Bill Belichick during a press conference

Nothing seems to be operating smoothly for the New England Patriots right now, prompting a cranky Bill Belichick to take his frustrations out on the media once again.

Belichick arrived to his Wednesday press conference hellbent on letting reporters know the team was taking it “day by day” in regard to quarterback Mac Jones’ injury and the New England Patriots head coach didn’t stray from the task at hand.

“Day by day, he’s getting better,” Belichick said of Jones who suffered a high ankle sprain during Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens. “We’ll see how it goes. Day by day.”

Day by day is purposefully vague, which is on brand for Belichick as he attempts to discuss the nature of an injury for one of his players. But as Boston reporters continued to ask about Jones, Belichick’s crankiness only increased as they refused to accept his “day by day” insistence.

“What do I look like, a doctor?” Belichick ranted. “An orthopedic surgeon? Like, I don’t know. Talk to the medical experts.”

When will those medical experts be available to the media? If Patriots doctors held a press conference, I’m sure reporters would ask the medical experts to provide a status update on Jones. But doctors obviously won’t be holding a press conference for Jones, which unfortunately for everyone, means Belichick is the designated liaison between reporters and medical staff.

“Day by day, we’ll evaluate him day – I mean what difference does it mean to me? You think I’m going to read the MRI?” Belichick asked as he attempted to spin it as if he didn’t have a clear update on his starting quarterback.

At least Belichick’s answers were more than one or two words, albeit his responses were still useless in terms of providing any viable information.

The head coach’s media battles used to be excused as being part of Belichick’s schtick. But Belichick being Belichick or Popovich being Popovich was much more endearing when the iconic coaches were winning with rosters led by future Hall-of-Famers. The more they lose, the more tired their terse and trite responses become.

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