Bill Belichick excited to see Chris Berman

Big football guy, Bill Belichick loves the grunting and grumbling that comes with the NFL season, even when those noises emanate from Chris Berman, apparently.

Belichick rarely smiles during a press conference, and he rarely shows any appreciation for the media. But when iconic sportscaster Chris Berman walked into the Patriots press conference room on Monday, the usually stoic head coach reacted with similar enthusiasm to winning won of his six Super Bowl rings.

“Boomer!” Belichick said with applause as a giant smile began to emerge on his face. “We are graced! You’re lookin’ good! Nice to have you, we’re honored.”

“I haven’t been to one of these in a couple of years,” Berman grumbled.

That wasn’t just a smile by Belichick, there was an obvious glow exuding from the Patriots head coach that lit up the room. As Berman’s ESPN workload has dwindled in recent years, many sports fans still get excited when the 67-year-old reappears on TV to offer a sense of nostalgia, but Belichick’s affinity for the ESPN-lifer appears to be on a different level. It was kind of sweet to see Belichick acting like a fanboy, to say the head coach was giddy would be an understatement.

Belichick usually stands in front of reporters sounding and looking like he has a fever, but now we know, the only prescription is more Chris Berman.

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