Listening to a game on the radio can be a much different experience than watching it on TV. While viewers can see more on TV and the play-by-play person complements the action we’re seeing, listeners are at the mercy of the play-by-play person describing the scene and giving us an accurate picture of what’s happening on the radio.

In addition, a play-by-play announcer does more than just stand there, look at the game, and describe the action. Take a look at radio announcer Jeff Joniak calling Sunday’s Packers-Bears game and how he explores the space as he emotes Chicago’s 24-17 win over the Packers, allowing the team to clinch the NFC North.

During a radio broadcast, all we hear is his voice, and we don’t get to see any of this during a broadcast. It’s a unique viewpoint, and in the case of a team radio broadcast, we see how even the announcer can get in on the celebrations while still keeping everything in perspective.

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