Barstool's Dave Portnoy's post-Super Bowl video.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy made some unusual headlines this week, and that continued after Super Bowl LIII. On Monday, Portnoy and colleague PFT Commenter were kicked out of the NFL’s Super Bowl Opening Night event for using fake credentials, and were interrogated and threatened with criminal trespass charges if they entered Mercedes-Benz Stadium again. Portnoy insisted publicly he would still go to Sunday’s Super Bowl, and he did just that, but security dragged him out partway through the game.

After the game, Portnoy released a Twitter video where he said he was cuffed and thrown in a cell with drunk guys, then released after the game. But the main thrust of his video was yelling at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell:

A transcription:

“Hey Roger, I bet you didn’t fucking think you’d see this fucking mug today. Dragged me out of there in cuffs, ripped my jeans, you ripped my skinny jeans, Roger. What the fuck! Kicked me out of that game, doesn’t matter. Put me in a holding cell, put me in the fucking cuffs, Roger, you can’t arrest me, you can’t throw me in jail, because you know there will be an uprising, Roger. That’s okay, that’s okay, I got a hundred and twenty fucking grand on the game and I don’t know what the fuck’s going on. I can hear the crowd noise, it’s all Pats’ fans, and I knew we’re fucking kicking their ass! I get out, $125,000 richer, Roger! Free man! Fuck you! Pats’ dynasty, six, fuck you, Pittsburgh, Brady greatest player of all time…everything’s coming up Patriots! I don’t know, I just got out of jail, they just kept me there, put me in the cuffs, dragged me there, kept me there, put me in a holding cell with two drunk guys who couldn’t speak, game ends, they let me out, cuffed me, walked me a mile, kicked me out, said ‘get your rat ass out of here.’ Too late! Six! Six! Six! Deal with it!”

Portnoy then also vowed to go to the Patriots’ postgame party:

We’ll see what this all leads to, but “media company founder dragged out of Super Bowl and put in holding cell” certainly isn’t a standard story.

[Dave Portnoy on Twitter]

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