As has become tradition here, we couldn’t let you watch Super Bowl LII between the Patriots and Eagles without an accompanying drinking game based on the more tiresome storylines and buzzwords to get you through the five-hour marathon telecast.

Without further ado, here’s our toast to America’s biggest unofficial holiday:

[Note: Don’t be a moron: Know your limit, and never drink and drive.]

Sip every time you hear:

  1. “12 stitches”
  2. “28-3”
  3. “Underdog”
  4. “Deflategate”
  5. “5 Super Bowl rings”

Drink 1 every time you hear these words associated with the following players:

  1. Tom Brady: “40”
  2. Nick Foles: “Journeyman”
  3. Rob Gronkowski: “Concussion protocol”
  4. LeGarrette Blount: “Longtime Patriot”
  5. Danny Amendola: “Clutch”

Drink 2 every time NBC shows:

  1. The temperature outside
  2. Footage from Super Bowl 39 between the Patriots & Eagles
  3. Carson Wentz or Julian Edelman watching from the sidelines
  4. Gisele Bündchen looking distressed
  5. Robert Kraft getting hammered

Drink 3 every time Al Michaels:

  1. Says “YUGE” like Donald Trump
  2. Ponders a big decision with “Hmmmmmm…”
  3. Says “3rd and a deuce”
  4. Describes a trick play as “Razzle dazzle”
  5. Butchers pronouncing Jay Ajayi’s name

Chug every time Cris Collinsworth says:

  1. “RPO”
  2. “National Football League”
  3. Anything about Peyton or Eli Manning
  4. “We talked about…” or “You talk about…”
  5. “NOW, HERE’S A GUY…”

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Jim Weber is the founder of College Sports Only. He has worked at CBS Sports, NBC Sports and ESPN the Magazine and is the founder of a previous college sports website, Lost Lettermen (R.I.P.).