This week, Ben Heisler is joined by Westwood One Radio, Turner Sports, and CBS Sports play by play broadcaster Kevin Harlan, fresh off of calling Super Bowl 52 for Westwood One.

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Here’s the rundown of what Ben and Kevin discussed, from his start in broadcasting, to early feedback that helped him improve, to Super Bowl 52’s ultimate narrative.

  • What he really wanted to do that eventually led him towards broadcasting (5:46)
  • Getting his start in high school radio (10:36)
  • What does he think of the future of radio/podcasting/on-demand contest (12:26)
  • Who were broadcasters that he emulated and were influenced by early on (17:11)
  • On the best and most helpful feedback he received early on in his career (28:54)
  • Why he’d like sportscasters, especially himself to get more feedback on his calls from those in the industry (35:30)
  • What he misses most about being a local broadcaster for a team now that he’s on national calls (40:00)
  • Do fans ever come up to him with calls of his that surprise him? (45:20)
  • Has he met anyone that does a Kevin Harlan impersonation yet? (47:30)
  • What will the narrative of SB 52 ultimately become? (50:45)

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