Longtime ESPN broadcaster (and former Dream Job contestant) Anish Shroff has a new role: radio voice of the Carolina Panthers. The team announced the hire today.

Shroff replaces Mick Mixon, who held the role for the prior seventeen years. The Panthers even put together a rare non-awkward video announcement package featuring the Panthers radio crew past and present:

Shroff had been at ESPN since 2008.

From the team’s announcement:

“You have to be a fan at heart; I really believe that,” he said of his new role. “I think I represent a lot of the people in this town. I moved here for an opportunity, and for a job, never knowing it would be home forever, and it’s become home forever. And there’s a lot of people here who are transplants. Half the people on my street are from Connecticut, Boston, Florida, New York. They’re from everywhere. And these nomads, these vagabonds, have found a place they can call home and call community.

“I want the Panthers to be a unifying factor there.”

The last time Shroff called a game at Bank of America Stadium he went viral for his reaction to experiencing the Oreo-mayo combination alongside Mike Golic Jr.:

If you were a fan of Shroff’s work at ESPN, ESPN PR was quick to point out that he will continue with his assignments there like several other NFL announcers.

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