One of the great constants of the NFL season since 2005 has been DirecTV launched its Sunday Ticket Red Zone channel, which provides viewers with all the most exciting moments and highlights from the day around the league. So consistent has this offering been that Andrew Siciliano has hosted it every single week since it’s inception. That’s 260 shows in a row.

That streak came to an end on Sunday when Siciliano announced via Twitter that he would not be hosting after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Hey everybody, we have said for months that this is the season where we all have to flexible. Players and teams and coaches and broadcasters, too. Because of that, I am going to be on the couch this afternoon. I’m gonna miss the show for the first time ever. Episode 261. Because after testing negative twice during the week, I tested positive this morning. We retested and it came back negative, but out of the super-abundance of caution, and to be respectful of my great teammates, I’m sitting this one out. I’m gonna be a fan and watch all eleven games on the Red Zone Channel and Sunday Ticket and DirecTV from here. From home. First time I have watched Sunday football on the couch in the afternoon since 2004, the year before we launched the Red Zone Channel. Dan Hellie will do the show, it’ll be great. The games will be great. I feel great, by the way. And I will be back ASAP. Enjoy your football, everybody.”

Given the consistency and expectations that NFL fans when they turn on NFL Red Zone each Sunday, you can imagine that there were a lot of confused viewers who weren’t aware of the news or change in host. And some of them were not very happy about not getting their Siciliano fix.

No word yet on when Siciliano will be able to return to hosting duties, presuming his upcoming COVID tests are negative. It’s also unclear how this might impact his work as a host on NFL Network or in other commentary duties.

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