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Amazon’s growing NFL coverage team has reportedly added two more names to the crew, with former players Aqib Talib and Andrew Whitworth joining.

That’s according to this New York Post report from Ryan Glasspiegel. In Talib’s case, it’s really more staying on, as he was a part of Amazon’s coverage previously when the streamer didn’t have exclusive rights.

According to Glasspiegel, the pair will contribute to studio programming, in addition to the already announced studio crew of Charissa Thompson, Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Via the Post:

Amazon is adding two more former NFL stars to Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” coverage.

Aqib Talib and Andrew Whitworth are expected to be part of the studio team, The Post has learned. Both are former All-Pros at their respective positions, cornerback and offensive tackle, and both are Super Bowl champions.

An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment.

If you’re wondering how two more people will fit into the crowded situation, Glasspiegel says they won’t be part of the main desk, but will instead contribute in other ways.

A source said that Talib and Whitworth won’t be desk analysts, but rather will contribute elsewhere on Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” studio programming, and other ancillary NFL content.

For Amazon, the moves make sense. Talib was already part of the family, and Whitworth is coming off of a Super Bowl run with the Rams. Any time you can add analysts who were recently in the league it’s usually a win for viewers. (Also more linemen should be part of broadcast teams and studio crews. It’s a huge aspect of football, and the intricacies are often overlooked.)

Amazon is certainly swinging for both quantity and quality with their hiring choices so far. Whether that will pay off with a coherent and well-received broadcast remains to be seen, but there are certainly worse places to start than “bringing in a lot of recognizable recent players and longtime broadcasters and analysts.”

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