One of the more popular features of NFL’s GamePass product is the ability to watch all-22 coverage. That is, the coaching footage, from the side and end zone cameras that allow for the entire field to be in view.

This has become a valuable media tool since it was made widely available; it allows for a lot of in-depth breakdowns and more educated analysis for people on the outside of the sport itself. This summer, though, users noticed that the archive was gone after an update. It still hadn’t returned for the start of the season, either, which was frustrating for users in and out of media.

Now, as noted by Pro Football Talk, the feature will be returning in time for Week 3 if the league is to be believed:

The All-22 film is returning. Soon. Very soon. According to the NFL.

The league had been targeting late Week One or early Week Two for a return of the coaching film to the Game Pass feature. Per the NFL, the current plan is for the All-22 films to become reincorporated into the Game Pass function on Friday of this week.

Keep us posted on when and if it shows up. Again, Friday is the target.

It’s a major value-add for the service, and considering the subscription model it’s probable that a lot of people renewed in the summer on the assumption the all-22 feature would be available all year. For their sake, let’s hope the NFL manages to get it back online by the weekend.

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