Dan Snyder looks on as Al Michaels talks about his investigations surrounding Washington's owner. During Thursday night’s game between the Commanders and Bears, Al Michaels talked about the ongoing investigations around Dan Snyder.

Reports emerged on Thursday detailing Dan Snyder’s plans to go after the NFL in general as well as specific owners if they tried to force him to get rid of his team as part of the ongoing investigation from the House Oversight Committee. Given that Snyder’s team, the Washington Commanders, were in action on Thursday night, it begged a question, how would the broadcast handle the ongoing controversy? Early in the fourth quarter, Al Michaels answered that question.

Michaels spoke of the reports as well as the investigations surrounding Snyder. He noted that “that the owners have a meeting scheduled in New York on Tuesday” but that Snyder’s issues were “not currently on the agenda. Then, Michaels opened up on what he believes the league wants.

“Just my feeling, I think what the league would love is for Snyder to sell the team. Not have to go to a vote but just sell the team. Because it’s become a major problem around the league, obviously.”

Michaels no doubt has many connections around the NFL and in a lot of situations, has had those connections for decades. While he said that the words were “just his feeling,” it’s highly unlikely that those feelings are not shared by several key figures around the league.

Now, assuming that’s true, does that mean Snyder will sell? Absolutely not. In fact, given what the team’s lawyers said in a recent letter to the House Oversight Committee, nobody should expect that this will be a simple process.

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