Al Michaels alongside Kirk Herbstreit calling the Black Friday game between the Jets and the Dolphins. Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

Legendary broadcaster Al Michaels has received constant criticism this year for seemingly lacking some enthusiasm in the booth for numerous games this year. Luckily for fans who tuned into the Black Friday matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, that was not an issue for him in this matchup.

It wasn’t exactly the most entertaining product on the field for viewers at home. The Dolphins controlled the game from the start and came away with a lopsided 34-13 victory.

Despite this, Michaels had a number of memorable moments that kept the broadcast entertaining throughout.

He and broadcast partner Kirk Herbstreit hilariously broke down the sideline attire of Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel in the second quarter.

This wasn’t his only comedic moment at McDaniel’s expense. He also told the story of how McDaniel threatened to cut a player while coaching in the United Football League for dancing with a girl, a girl whom McDaniel is now married to.

Michaels was quick-witted for most of the night. Perhaps the best example of that came when he blamed a missed extra point from Jets kicker Greg Zuerlein on the fact that Zuerlein “isn’t used to kicking extra points” with the Jets offensive struggles on the year.

Michaels also had a pretty great call on one of the biggest plays of the game, a 99-yard interception return for a touchdown from the Dolphins on a failed Hail Mary attempt from the Jets at the end of the first half.

Even once the game was pretty clearly over and there wasn’t much interesting football to speak of, the broadcast was fun to watch.

Michaels spoke of his hatred of vegetables, which is why he refused to try a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich delivered to the broadcast booth by a chef in the stadium.

“I worked seven years with John Madden and we had Turducken. I might have to duck this (sandwich). I don’t know, you tell me what’s in here. Oh come on, get out of town.”

He was then presented a Tomahawk steak, which was much more intriguing to him.

“Now we’re talking! Tomahawks steak, baby. It’s the key to life.”

Given the criticism he has gotten this year for failing to entertain fans, it was a much-improved performance in the booth from Al Michaels on Friday.

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