The NFL and NFLPA are currently in negotiations for a new CBA, with the players preparing for a full vote on the latest proposal. ESPN’s Adam Schefter took the opportunity ahead of that vote to tweet about the revenue distribution inherent to the latest version, couching it as a major win for players.

Wow, what generosity and willingness to negotiate from the owners, one might think if they read that tweet. After all, they’re going above and beyond MLB, the NBA, and the NHL!

Except for one thing: they’re not. It’s tough to guess where Schefter pulled this from (well, beyond “owner talking points”), because the revenue divisions from other leagues are pretty widely available. Especially the NBA’s, as the players taking a reduction in revenue percentage down to a shifting number somewhere between 49%-51% was a major point during their last CBA negotiation in 2016.

Here’s a solid breakdown, wherein every league, essentially, has a higher percentage of revenue going to players:

It’s also worth noting that MLB and NBA players in particular have not been happy with the current split. Trying to spin this NFL agreement as some kind of charitable donation from owners at a level American sports hasn’t seen before is a very weird choice for Schefter, who left the tweet up all morning despite the parade of people pointing out that it was wrong.

Is there a chance that Schefter meant something else, or conflated a few points and ended up where he did? Sure, maybe. But the tweet is still up, and he was very specific in that phrasing. Not a great look all around.

UPDATE: a few hours later, Schefter clarified that he was talking about net revenue and not gross revenue, which totally makes this all fine!

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