Aaron Rodgers Credit: Tucker Carlson

“I think entitlement is a big part of our society that has been a cancer for us because people believe that their opinion is more important than somebody else’s opinion.”

That’s a sentiment shared unironically by New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers in his recent sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson. The two bosom buddies (the interview is conducted at the table they ate dinner at the night before) got together for a wide-ranging discussion that included, what else, the COVID-19 vaccine, conspiracy theories, and RFK Jr’s offer to make Rodgers his vice-presidential running mate.

As we are wont to do, we listened to the entire interview and culled some of the highlights below. And before we get started, we’ll just note that Rodgers used the word “canceled” or some derivation of it 18 times.

Compassion & Empathy

The interview begins with Rodgers offering up some circular and condescending thoughts about having “compassion” and empathy” for people on the other side of the COVID-19 vaccine discussion while also making it clear that they don’t really deserve it for the way the anti-vax crowd, the true victims, was treated.

“I have a lot more compassion for them, actually, and empathy. I’ve been strong against the vax, against mandates, against lockdowns, against all of it,” said Rodgers. “I think the last few months, I’ve been looking at things a little bit differently, and I think it’s time for a lot us to maybe adjust some of the approach that we’re doing. I mean, it obviously hasn’t worked. We’ve been trying to wake people up, I think, with the studies that are out there now. All the time, with the articles, with the change in stances by everybody from Chris Cuomo on down who have either had vaccine injuries or side effects or just look at things differently.

“And it’s caused me to, I think, have a little bit more empathy and compassion for those people who had a ton of fear, thought they were doing the right thing for themselves, for their friends, for their families, and went through all the mass formation psychosis that we all did. It’s just full-court propaganda against us and are now going, ‘Oh, shit, maybe that wasn’t the best. Maybe they lied to us. Maybe they weren’t being truthful. Maybe this wasn’t safe.’ Even though they said from the beginning, 100% safe and effective. Everybody from Biden to the head of the FDA and on down, WHO.

“I think it’s important for us to, if we want to make a difference, which I do, and I don’t necessarily want to be way a part of the conversation anymore, is, how do we call people forward with compassion and kindness that just come over to the side of being awake to what’s going on? Because I think we all need to come to the grips that this could happen again.

“So how do we call these people forward in love and acceptance, not forgetting what happened, how we were treated, how we were canceled? Everybody from yourself to me, the Joe, the mutual friends that we have. But calling people forward to step into the truth, and that there isn’t shame and guilt on this side, which I think our side, justifiably at times, because the way we’re treated, feels It feels like we need to get some get back.

But at some point, I was talking with Joe about this off-camera at ‘Rogan,’ but how do we bring everybody back on the same side? Because this has been very divisive, and everything in our culture now is so divisive. But how do we get people more aligned on the same page? I think it’s only with love and compassion and forgiveness. I admit, I’ve been very combative about this because I was attacked personally. A lot of times when you’re attacked, you want to just fucking fight back.

“But it hasn’t really accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. In my mind, my ego is like, well, I’m going to be able to convince these people that they were wrong.

“There’s compassion and kindness. There’s compassion and kindness for the person that’s still wearing a mask, too. Especially that person. And I can’t relate to that type of fear. But I understand what it’s like to be scared of things, and just the fear to feel like you still have to do that. That’s a really shitty place to live. So showing compassion and kindness. And it’s easy to make fun of those type of people when you’re on the way other side. But what does that actually accomplish? If we want to come together more, and look, I’m guilty of times, for sure. But I’m tired of that. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore. I want to be a part of bringing people together.”

Unvaccinated Regret

“Do you know anyone who didn’t get the vax who’s upset he didn’t get the vax? Does anyone regret that decision?” asked Carlson.

“No,” replied Rodgers.

“No. Right. Not one person ever,” said Carlson.

We could think of a few people who didn’t get to take the COVID-19 vaccine who might have wished they could.

The NFL is Bought and Sold

Rodgers has taken plenty of shots at the NFL over their vaccine mandates during the pandemic, but he got in a few more here.

“Even in the NFL, there was a strong push. They sent stooges out to every team to try and enforce a vaccination level above 90% on every team with zero exemption, with zero informed consent. Just get this so that we look good because Big Pharma ad spend is humongous, not just on the late-night shows. It obviously influences Hollywood, the NFL. So you have to understand who is actually putting the strings here.”

It’s humorous to think the NFL only forced players to get vaccines because of pharmaceutical ad spending. If that’s how it worked, players would have to swig a beer after every play. For what it’s worth, State Farm, for which Rodgers was a pitchman for years, is a bigger NFL advertiser than any pharmaceutical company.

America’s Foremost Experts on Black People

“I feel like there’s… I think there’s a base level of hesitancy around just the Big Pharma, medicine in general, when you’re Black,” said Rodgers.

“Well, I was going to say [the NFL is] 70% Black. To their great credit, a lot of Black guys are like, no way,” replied Carlson.

“Yeah, and based on the history, I think it’s warranted,” added Rodgers. “If you know any of the history about some of the human experiments that went on and ridiculous things in some of those communities. If you know about what’s gone on in foreign countries as well with some of these vaccines, predominantly places like Africa. Where people have been maimed and killed and paralyzed by these vaccines, many of which are not actually approved anymore in the States, get sent over to Africa.”

Domestic Enemies

Just like in his interview with conspiracy theorist Eddie Bravo, Rodgers shared a desire to see the United States military turn its focus on certain Americans. He also offered up a very specific definition of American patriotism.

I was at the Kentucky Derby this last weekend, and they were swearing in some new recruits to, I think, join the Army. And so they had them repeat after the sergeant or whatever who was swearing them in,” said Rodgers. “And I just was stuck with that one line that, ‘Protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ I said domestic out loud because I was like, are we forgetting that one? Because there’s a lot of domestic people in this country who actually don’t love America, who actually don’t want to see us thrive.

“I’m super patriotic. I think it’s because my grandpa fought in the Second World War, was a prisoner of war, believed in freedom and fought for it, and lost many friends. He was in the Air Force who were at Pearl Harbor, and flew many bombing missions over to try and liberate the French and Polish people there over in Europe, and almost lost his life for it, and lost a lot of friends, and believed in this country and the freedoms that he was willing to fight and die for. And so that’s where I grew up in, and I love this country, and I want to see it thrive. And I think there’s a lot of people that don’t give a shit about it.”

Rodgers then tried to make a point by lumping together the war in Ukraine, the situation in Gaza, and…college campuses?

“We’re spending billions of dollars Ukraine and billions of dollars to Israel, billions of dollars to these college campuses. There’s just a lot of issues right now that seem really un-American. And I think there’s a lot of red-blooded Americans. People are like, ‘How can Trump have such support?’ Well, people are fed up with it, and he speaks the rhetoric of taking back, making America great again, and stuff.

“My thing is, he had four years to do it and didn’t drain the swamp, and whether he just got scared because of what he learned when he was in there, I think it’s very plausible.”

Vice-President Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers humblebragged his way through being asked by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be his vice-presidential running mate, saying that although he is but a simple football player, he could have done it.

“That’s why I was interested when Bobby came to me and said, ‘Would you think about being my running mate?’ And I said, ‘Are you serious? I’m a fucking football player.’ But I love this country, and I’d love to be a part of bringing it back to what she used to be,” said Rodgers. “I thought about it. I definitely thought about it because I love Bobby, and I just wanted to hear what he had to say about it.”

Just a Great Person

“There’s been a lot of great people in history who are super patriotic, who’ve questioned their government, and I think that’s what I’ve done since I was a kid,” said Rodgers without any hint of irony.

Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory

Rodgers recently went to great lengths to deny he had said he believed the murder of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School was faked. However, for a guy who says he has never been of that opinion, he sure does buy into just about every other conspiracy theory known to man.

“Another one of my heroes, Pat Tillman, who left the NFL to join the Army, his death is very suspicious as well,” said Rodgers. “Not the fact we know that he was killed by friendly fire, but the way they handled his body afterwards, his uniform, confiscating his last journal, using his death to prop up the war propaganda.”

“Pardon my ignorance, I didn’t even know that about Tillman’s journal,” said Carlson. “So that was confiscated by the-”

“His uniform was burned and his journal was confiscated,” said Rodgers.

We’re certainly not going to defend the NFL on this one, but we’re sure they love this.

On The Left

“Now to even question the government, you’re some right-wing, conspiracy, crazy tinfoil hat wearer, which is wild, because it seems like the left has gone so far left. And anybody right of that, there’s no center anymore. That’s according to The Left. You’re a right-winger unless you’re so far on The Left,” said Rodgers. “The Left, it used to be a party of Occupy Wall Street. And free speech and rights for everybody. Now, they’re the ones beating the drums on the war machine and censorship and obedience.”

Carlson then asked Rodgers how “The Left” has treated him.

“A lot of character assassinations,” said Rodgers.

“Spammed With 140 Million Impressions”

As part of his diatribe about how “The Left” had it out for him, Rodgers shared a story about how, after he tested positive for COVID-19, one of his sponsors got “spammed with 140 million impressions,” which is not a thing.

Loose Cannon

Again, even though Aaron Rodgers appears to believe every wacky conspiracy you’ve ever heard of (and a lot you’ve never even heard of), he remains adamant that he does not believe the Sandy Hook conspiracy, which was a rumor spread to discredit his big brain.

“When it came out, whether it was somebody from the campaign or not, released that I was a finalist to be Bobby’s vice president, there was a total character assassination. It was some bizarre story from 12 years ago that somebody thought they heard something, that I was questioning something. And what it all comes down to, I think, is I’m not behold I have a contract, but I’m not beholden anybody.

“I’m dangerous to them because I speak my mind. I’m not a cliché-ridden, obedient star athlete. I speak my mind. I’m a loose cannon to them.”

Aliens, Technology, Thought Control, and Some Other Stuff

“I grew up in the church, and in the church, you know that there’s a battle that’s going on between the seen and the unseen world, between good and evil, between the powers that we can see and the powers that we can’t see,” said Rodgers. “And there’s some wild things out there that we don’t know about. And there’s some government secrets we don’t know about. At a bare minimum, whether you believe in alien life, UFOs, UAPs, whatever you want to call it, there’s some technology out there that exists that’s finally have some disclosure that the government or the powers that be don’t I think we’re ready to be given that information, which is wild. And I understand that… I actually don’t understand it. The thought process is it’s going to change the way that we look at life or religion or whatever.

“That gets in the whole other idea about religion being as a way to control people, control thought maybe, which is pretty wild. But disclosure, I think needs to happen. It’s going to be interesting to see how it happens, where it happens. But in my space where I’m at, where I do a lot of plant medicine, the veils between worlds and dimensions gets very thin. So the idea of seeing other entities, seeing angelic type of beings and demonic type beings is very normal. And the idea that there’s a demonic aspect to the UIP phenomenon, I think is very It’s plausible and interesting.”

Vladimir Putin: Seems Like a Cool Dude

“You did one of the most controversial, somehow, not to me, most controversial interviews in the last, I don’t know how long, when you went to Russia and did Putin. How did it feel coming back? Because anybody who watched the interview was like, number one, it was fucking awesome. Number two, Putin came off as an interesting, thoughtful, smart individual. And if you’ve read 1984, the base game plan of government control is you have to have an enemy, and you have to slander that enemy regardless if you know anything about them.

I think a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, Putin apologists are like, whitewashing all the stuff that he’s done to the different people.’ I was just like, no, I’d love to I’d love to see Joe Biden give an interview where he can speak on the history of the United States in the same way that Putin talked about the history of his country.”

For the record, Carlson’s interview with Putin was widely criticized, and many of the things Putin said about Russia were deemed false or outright propaganda.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Not a Cool Dude

Even though Aaron Rodgers extolled the virtues of patriotism through the lens of the military and participation in war, he seemed downright offended by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s appearance in green military fatigues before the U.S. Congress.

“[You’re] being canceled by the people who have just bowed down and given interviews from their knees to the Zalinskys of the world,” Rodgers told Carlson.

“Gargling as they interview, yes,” responded Carlson.

“It’s wild. As this guy comes over in fucking an outfit you’d wear to the store on a Sunday morning to ask Congress for another 100 billion dollars, is fucking wild.”

RFK Jr. Would Beat Both Donald Trump & Joe Biden Head-to-Head, Apparently

In extolling the virtues of almost-running mate Robert Kennedy, Jr., Rodgers claims that internal polling shows that Bobby can beat Joe Biden or Donald Trump head-to-head.

“Bobby recently came out and said, in the summer months, at some point, he wants to do a 50-state poll with like 20,000, I don’t know what the exact number is, votes in each of these states. And whoever polls lower between him and Joe Biden has to drop out of the race,” said Rodgers. “Because in his own analytics, he’s found out that if the three of them run, Trump is most likely to win. If he goes against Trump, he wins. If he goes against Biden, he wins. If Biden goes against Trump, Trump wins.

“So in fact, he said, Hey, listen, I’ll drop out if you pull higher than me in these 50 states. But if I pull higher than you, you’re out.”

No Future Gatorade Sponsorships, Apparently

“I was just reading there’s four… it was like, Oreos, Lucky Charms, something else, and Gatorade has been exposed as having forever chemicals in them. And so there’s finally people getting some of the message out and forcing these companies to change.”

Darkness Retreat, Explained

Rodgers shared some insight from his infamous darkness retreat and what happened to him. Based on the details it sounds like a creepypasta story.

“Well, you’re just in a room about, I don’t know, a third of this size, probably, with a little bathroom, bathtub, and can’t see shit,” he said. “You start hallucinating. I did five nights, four days. You start hallucinating on the third day because your brain starts, the DMT starts getting activated.

“Total darkness. No concept for what time it is, especially the first couple of days because you sleep so much the first night. After that, you don’t need to sleep hardly at all because you have no stimulation for your eyes. So you’re not really tired. I did yoga, did long meditations, sat in the bath for a couple hours. It seemed like, I don’t know, time was irrelevant, but a lot of great contemplation.

“And a lot of times you start hallucinating and seeing different shapes and doorways and stuff, and you just run in the stuff all the time. It’s quite the process.

“I’m glad I did it. I don’t need to do it again. It’s not like something I need to… I can’t wait to do another darkness retreat. It’s like, No, I did that. Check that box. That was cool. Not going to do it again.”

Okay, Boomer

“Kids these days are ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s not a fireman or an athlete or something. It’s ‘famous’ or an influencer.”

You Didn’t Think You Were Getting Out of Here Without Some Jeffrey Epstein Thoughts, Did You?

“Ghislaine Maxwell has a lot of ties to the Mossad. That would make sense,” said Rodgers when asked who he thinks was behind Epstein’s death. “Jeffrey didn’t seem to get some of the appointments he was given in the prominence based on merit. Somebody was putting him in the right spots. But I don’t think he’s the only one. I think there’s a problem, a weird bizarre problem, really, that has a weird sex component to it with some of the elites. And there’s a pedophile component to it as well, which is really sick. And there’s some prominent figures who are in the spotlight as of late. I would like that to be exposed. But Jeffrey Epstein had the goods on everybody. There were a lot of people that didn’t want him to be alive. And then the whole wild story around multiple people being asleep and him not being watched at the time is real convenient. And I just don’t believe in that many coincidences.

“I think there’s some weird correlations between anomalies that the Johnny Depp Trial had eyes on it, crazy coverage, and the Ghislaine Maxwell trial had next to no coverage, no TV coverage, no nightly commentary about it.”

Rodgers goes on to say he never watches TV, which explains why he didn’t see all the Ghislaine Maxwell trial coverage.

In Case You Were Wondering…

“Thankfully, me, I don’t watch porn. I’ve never been into any weird kinky stuff.”

Some Conspiracy Theories for the Road

Rodgers wrapped up the interview with some greatest hits conspiracy theories that explain the state of America and the world.

“There’s some weird things going on in the world right now,” said Rodgers. “The stuff on the border is very weird. I’m listening to Brett Weinstein talk on Rogan about the groups of Chinese military-age men that are getting in It’s very unnerving, and they’re doing it in new ways, and we’re not prosecuting anybody in a lot of these big cities. There’s the George Soros of the world who are anti-human and funding a lot of these protests, probably on these college campuses, as they’re arresting people who don’t have student IDs, who aren’t a part of it. We saw it in Wisconsin when there was riots going on. They were busting people in from Illinois and Iowa, all these different places. So there’s anti-human people out there who don’t want this to happen.”


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