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Slaying media narratives, drinking ayahuasca, taking darkness retreats, and watching Jersey Shore. These are a few of Aaron Rodgers’ favorite things.

We’re used to Rodgers opening up and sharing interesting tidbits of information about himself every Tuesday afternoon, but usually it occurs on The Pat McAfee Show. This Tuesday afternoon, however, Rodgers confessed his love for MTV’s Jersey Shore without McAfee’s platform, ogling over the show during his post-OTA practice press conference.

“I was walking out to practice today and the media’s here always doing little videos and things,” Rodgers told reporters. “And the video was, ‘Do your best Jersey Shore impression,’ and I just kind of laughed at it. And then C.J. Uzomah was walking to me and he said he never watched the show. I said, ‘How can you not watch the show? It’s one of the greatest shows, back when MTV used to actually have content on it!’ It’s phenomenal.

“I’m a fan of all of them,” Rodgers said, lauding the Jersey Shore cast. “I actually went to a Pauly D set back in Vegas, back when I used to go there a few times a year.”

As soon as Rodgers’ interest in the Jets was announced, many began predicting he would be grilled by the New York media over his brash opinions. But we couldn’t get past the second practice without Rodgers bashing a cable network and lauding a controversial TV show. Wait until Phil Mushnick gets ahold of the news that Rodgers is promoting a show that celebrates belligerent behavior and perpetuates false stereotypes.

Even the harshest New York media members have to agree with Rodgers on one thing, however. MTV used to actually have content on it. Now MTV is on the verge of becoming a 24-hour network for Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness.


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