Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers Pat McAfee interviewing Aaron Rodgers in November 2022. (The Pat McAfee Show.)

It’s really starting to feel like Aaron Rodgers just enjoys toying with all of us and the New York Jets are content with going along for the ride.

There was a growing expectation that Rodgers would join The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon to announce his desire to play football for at least one more season and do so as a member of the Jets. But McAfee is just like all of us and has no idea what the 39-year-old’s quarterback next move will be or when it will be announced.

“What we’re saying is we have no idea either,” McAfee said to open his Tuesday show. “Same spot as yesterday. Same spot as Friday. Will an answer come soon? We have no idea. We think, we’d assume with how everything has to kind of go. But that is not necessarily going to come from this particular program, today. We like to let everybody know that.”

For the last three NFL seasons, Rodgers has joined The Pat McAfee Show every Tuesday to talk football, COVID, Jeffrey Epstein, UFOs and nearly everything in between. As Rodgers frequently goes on tirades about the mainstream media, it’s obvious that he views McAfee as an ally. McAfee, however, doesn’t consider himself mainstream media, which is why he gives Rodgers the platform to say whatever he wants without any pushback.

Despite the assumed narrative that they’re friends, McAfee and Rodgers never broadcasted having much of a relationship beyond the weekly show appearances. “We have no idea, literally. Hands off. Not pestering, bothering, poking, prodding, none of that,” McAfee said of Rodgers Tuesday afternoon. “You live your life, pal. If you feel the need or want to chat with us about it, cool. If not, do your thing.”

Everyone seems to have reached the conclusion that Rodgers will be a Jet, yet no one has any information to definitively state Rodgers is a Jet. One thing McAfee does know about Rodgers is that when the world zigs, he might look to zag.

“I think he’s a human that could retire,” McAfee said. “And this is not off any information, but it’s the real deal. He’s a guy that could stare down $58 million and retire because he would view it as, like, ‘My happiness is not about money.’ That’s like legitimately how he goes. So I think in that aspect, if he felt like he was happier without all the stresses of football, I think he would be a person that could turn that down and be completely cool with it and just move along. That’s just from hanging out with him one time in Lake Tahoe and realizing he’s a motherf*cking hippie.”

The Jets have left themselves without a plan B at quarterback, and are working to scoop up some of Rodgers’ former Packers teammates. Are those free agent acquisitions coming at the request of Rodgers? Or are they desperate attempts at wooing Rodgers to New York?

Trey Wingo believes Rodgers to the Jets is done, so does Boomer Esiason. But if McAfee isn’t even in Rodgers’ inner circle, it’s hard to believe Wingo and Esiason are. And the longer Rodgers stays silent, the more uncertain his future in New York appears to be.

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