Chad Dukes-Ian Rapoport

Chad Dukes unleashes incredible 20-minute rant after Ian Rapoport hangs up mid-interview – Feb. 26th

* Washington D.C. sports talk host Chad Dukes lost his mind after getting hung up twice by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Ian Rapoport apologizes on-air to Chad Dukes for bailing on him twice – Feb. 27th

* Rapoport was back on Dukes’s show the next day and apologized for bailing twice.

ESPN reportedly reached out to Bob Costas about Sunday Night Baseball – Feb. 27th

* ESPN reportedly coveted Bob Costas for Sunday Night Baseball but instead went with Matt Vasgerian, thanks to A-Rod’s agent.

ESPN’s Jalen Rose: “I wish NCAA players would exercise that power by boycotting the NCAA Tournament.”

* Jalen Rose suggested college players exert their leverage and consider boycotting the NCAA Tournament.

Dan Patrick says he won’t guest on PTI, but might do Around The Horn, Tony Reali responds with old-school ESPN “40 for 40” idea – Feb. 28th

* Dan Patrick said he wouldn’t guest-host PTI in the future, but said he might appear on ESPN’s Around The Horn.

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