We have seen fans run out onto the field for many years but this kind of “fan interaction” is rare. A reportedly drunk Eagles fan was able to sneak down the tunnels of Lincoln Financial Field and get in on Doug Pederson’s postgame press conference. The fan even asked a question, while interrupting an actual reporter, and Pederson figured out very quickly this person wasn’t a member of the media.

It’s a bit difficult to hear but you can hear the fan say, “Eli…Eli next weekend. What do you think?” I’m not saying that the media is perfect at asking questions but I’m pretty sure we can come up with better questions than that. Plus, the question doesn’t even make sense. Daniel Jones came back from an ankle injury and threw five touchdowns today so he’s obviously going to start next week but I digress.

Anyway, Pederson quickly figured it out, probably by going off the strange question and that the person was dressed like he was sitting in freezing temperatures for a few hours instead of in a press box. As the fan was escorted out, you can see there’s a second person escorted out in this zoomed out view.

Pederson remarked, “This will be on SportsCenter” as the fans were sent out. You’re probably going to be right, Doug.

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