Fox’s heavily hyped matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers in the America’s Game of the Week window drew the largest audience of the NFL season thus far.

The game drew 29.171 million viewers in the late afternoon window, up (duh) from both last week (Rams-Bucs, 20.25 million) and last year (Seahawks-Packers, 22.71 million), both on CBS.

Going from a high note to a low note, Amazon’s Falcons-Panthers TNF matchup drew 6.802 million viewers on Prime Video Thursday, a season-low. It was down from last week (Eagles-Texans, 7.86 million) and last year on Fox and NFL Network (Ravens-Dolphins, 12.92 million).

Sunday morning’s game from Munich between the Seahawks and Bucs drew 5.547 million viewers on NFL Network. There was no comparable game last week or last year.

In the early half of Fox’s doubleheader, 16.19 million watched the three-game slate, with most of the country getting the excellent Vikings-Bills matchup. That’s up from both last week (Bills-Jets, etc, 13.88 million) and last year (Browns-Patriots, 12.36 million), both on CBS.

CBS drew 14.463 million viewers for their five-game singleheader window, headlined by Jaguars-Chiefs. That’s down from both last week’s singleheader (Seahawks-Cardinals, Packers-Lions, etc, 15.49 million) and last year’s singleheader (Falcons-Cowboys, etc, 17.58 million), both on Fox.

On Sunday night, NBC averaged 15.843 million viewers for Chargers-49ers. That’s down from both last week (Titans-Chiefs, 17.69 million) and last year (Chiefs-Raiders, 16.74 million).

Monday Night Football averaged 12.769 million viewers for Commanders-Eagles on ESPN. That’s up from both last week (Ravens-Saints, 10.53 million) and last year (Rams-49ers, 12.25 million), each of which had a ManningCast on ESPN2.

[Data via ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Media Watch]

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