Zach Osterman on Twitter.

We’ve seen several athletes test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, including three NBA players, and now we’re seeing some impacts in the media. Carolina Hurricanes’ broadcaster John Forslund self-quarantined after staying in a room formerly occupied by Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert (who has tested positive), while Washington Wizards’ broadcaster Justin Kutcher also self-quarantined following the Wizards’ game against the Jazz. And Indianapolis Star reporter Zach Osterman revealed Saturday that he’s in quarantine following some troubling symptoms.

There’s more in Osterman’s thread, and it’s an interesting overall look at one person’s experience with something that might or might not be this virus. And with the ongoing issues with testing in the U.S., there may soon be plenty in his shoes. NBA teams have shown an ability to get tests faster than the rest of the population, but many sports media members probably won’t be able to do that. It’s good to hear that Osterman’s symptoms don’t seem to be troubling him too much, but his case is certainly a good look at how this may impact people, so it’s certainly valuable to see him sharing his experience here. And like him, many of those people may not be able to find out if what’s bothering them is actually coronavirus or not.

[Zach Osterman on Twitter]

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