Tom Brady talking with comedian Jeff Ross during Netflix roast special. Photo Credit: Netflix

Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady declared ahead of the live Netflix comedy special The Roast of Tom Brady that he was “unroastable”. But when it came time for Brady to sit back and take the jokes, one of the jokes aimed in particular at New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft got him out of his seat in the worst way possible.

Stand-up comedian Jeff Ross stepped to the podium to deliver some jokes, opening up by telling Brady’s story of getting drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft and how he told Robert Kraft that “drafting him was the best decision the organization ever made”.

Ross then quickly pivoted, taking aim at Robert Kraft with a very short but very direct reference to his massage parlor controversy in 2019.

“Would you like a massage?” said Ross before blowing a kiss to Kraft. “I love Robert Kraft.”

For those unaware of the reference, Robert Kraft was arrested in 2019 with charges of soliciting prostitution in a Florida massage parlor. The charges were dropped a year later, but it is a controversy that has certainly followed Kraft through the years.

This prompted Brady to get out of his seat and walk up to the microphone, telling Ross “Don’t say that s*** again”.

It sure seems like this moment wasn’t exactly planned. And while it is of course a roast where really everything is fair game, this seemed to bother Brady in a way that no other joke the entire night did.

It’s understandable considering Kraft of course believed in Brady when nobody else did early on in his career, which was well documented in the recently released Apple TV+ docuseries The Dynasty: The New England Patriots. 

But still, there were plenty of other jokes told throughout the event that could be seen as a bit offensive. So it is certainly interesting to see this kind of reaction here from the man of the hour.

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