Kim Kardashian Tom Brady Roast Credit: Netflix/Awful Announcing

Some controversy has emerged out of the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix. The special roast featured several luminaries and otherwise going in on the former seven-time Super Bowl champion, who soon might begin his broadcasting career.

But something interesting appears to have occurred overnight. It seems like Kim Kardashian got edited out.

Like so many others, Kardashian spoke at the roast, and at the time, it surely didn’t seem like many KK fans were in attendance.

Normally, you’d think a couple of boos wouldn’t be enough to cause an overhaul. However, that’s exactly what appeared to happen here. TMZ Sports reported that Netflix decided to edit Kardashian’s portion of the roast not to include the loud boos heard in real-time.

“Kim Kardashian getting booed at Tom Brady’s roast came and went in the live broadcast — and you’re not gonna find it again in the current version on the platform … it’s been edited,” TMZ confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

“The awkward moment from Sunday’s show — where Kim was introduced by Kevin Hart, only to be met by a cascade of boos from the audience as she got to the podium — no longer exists on the since-posted iteration of the roast.”

Now, that’s quite the sequence to have occurred. Netflix editing that part out is bizarre and unneeded, drawing even more attention to the situation. As opposed to the content of the Brady roast, the story now fixates around Kardashian and her boos being edited out.

We’re unsure what anyone’s trying to prove here, but it might have missed the mark.

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