Last summer, the producers of Netflix’s sports documentary series Last Chance U announced that Season 6 of the show would move its focus from football to basketball.

Sure enough, Netflix has released a teaser trailer for Last Chance U: Basketball, which will premiere on the streaming platform March 10. (Smartly, that’s a week before the 2021 NCAA Tournament begins and could serve as a decent appetizer for March Madness.)

Last Chance U: Basketball follows East Los Angeles College Huskies (ELAC) during their 2019-20 season and pursuit of a California Community College Athletic Association championship. Coaches have been prominent figures in each season of Last Chance U and Season 6 should be no exception with Coach John Mosley, who’s in his eighth season at ELAC during the series.

Check out the teaser:

“Basketball builds character? Not necessarily,” says Mosley in the teaser. “Basketball reveals.” If t-shirts haven’t already been made with “basketball reveals” on them, they likely will be after people watch Last Chance U: Basketball.

A public community college, ELAC’s basketball team is filled with former Division I players and recruits pursuing an opportunity to revive their careers and earn a spot at the top level of college hoops (and perhaps beyond). But the 2019-20 season for prep and college basketball teams was affected at all levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How COVID-19 impacts the Huskies as they pursue the best record in school history and an elusive state championship will surely be a big part of the story told over Last Chance U‘s eight episodes. (OK, you could use Google to find out how the season ultimately ends. That would seem to take away some of the fun. But some viewers might like knowing that sort of thing before watching.)

But really, the appeal of this series has always been how the players deal with their circumstances, the issues which prevented them from achieving stardom elsewhere, and what might be affecting them away from the game. The show has a winning formula.

Last Chance U: Basketball premieres on Netflix on March 10.

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