Hugh Freeze was the head coach at Ole Miss from 2012-2016, when he resigned in disgrace after a multitude of scandals (including, most infamously, using a school-issued phone to contact an escort service.)

Today, Freeze’s Liberty University team came to Oxford, where Ole Miss beat them 27-14.

The Ole Miss social media team came prepared, because in the immediate aftermath of the win, they levied both barrels at Freeze.
















This is in reference to the infamous Hugh Freeze tweet mid-scandal, when he attempted to steer any questions to the Ole Miss compliance department in a real “what are you gonna do, stab me?” moment.











That tweet blew up, and would have certainly been more than enough comedy here, but then they followed it up with another A++ effort:















Bringing back the viral meme moment of Freeze coaching last year from a hospital bed, the kind of cartoonish thing that has become Freeze’s brand.

This kind of shade is absolutely amazing, and helps make college football more fun. Considering the sanctions and penalties for which Freeze bore a hefty amount of culpability and which derailed the Ole Miss football program for years after his resignation, you can certainly understand this kind of lingering anger. Channeling it into fantastic Twitter usage should be applauded, quite frankly.

Put another more succinctly:

Strongly agree.

UPDATE: they deleted them, but screenshot versions have been included above.

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