A Texas A&M yell ahead of the Appalachian State game.

The Streisand Effect, where trying to hide or censor information leads to more interest in that information, has been seen in sports plenty of times over the years. The latest example of this comes from the Texas A&M Aggies. Ahead of their home loss to the Appalachian State Mountaineers Saturday, the Aggies had their usual “Midnight Yell” practice with lots of mockery of the other school, but some thought parts of the particular mockery here crossed a line, and they and others spent a lot of time making fun of it on Twitter and other social media platforms.

On Monday, though, many of those clips were removed following copyright takedowns filed on behalf of Texas A&M. And that produced a lot of further posts, and further attention. Before we get to that, though, it’s notable that the full 23-minute video is still available on the Aggies’ YouTube channel:

So this certainly hasn’t been fully scrubbed. But the copyright takedowns are certainly annoying for many, and they’re annoying for even those who were looking to see what was going on here from minute-or-so clips rather than a 23-minute video. And the approach of taking down those clips and commentary led to a lot more attention for this video than even the initial clips received. Here are some of the many, many tweets on that:

The whole practice of copyright strikes over sports videos has often been criticized. That’s even more the case when it’s around sportsadjacent events like this, or studio shows, rather than actual games or highlights. But this one is particularly notable for it bringing even more attention to the incident in question. And while that may not have been the desired outcome for Texas A&M, that’s what they wound up with.

[The Comeback; screengrab from Texas A&M on YouTube]

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