Young Tennessee fan takes over on-air segment before Game 3 of CWS Finals. Photo Credit: WATE ABC 6, Sam Rothman on X.

Many Tennessee Volunteer fans made the trip to Omaha to watch the team take on the Texas A&M Aggies in the winner-take-all Game 3 of the Men’s College World Series Finals Monday night. But one fan in particular stood out before the game, taking over a sports report for WATE, the ABC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee.

WATE reporter Sam Rothman took to social media on Monday afternoon to reveal how she had “lost her job” when a young Tennessee fan named Knox completely took over her segment about the upcoming game.

“I lost my job on live television today,” wrote Rothman on X. “Find out why Knox made a case to be our newest sports reporter.”

During the segment, Rothman immediately handed over duties to Knox, who was certainly eager to speak about the game.

“Hey guys,” said Rothman. “Just a little excited, this is Knox. I’ll give him the mic. Alright Knox, you ready to take it away?”

“Hello, this is Knox. MCWS, It’s the College World Series baby! It’s 6 a.m. in Tennessee, it’s game time in Omaha. And here we go, we’ve got the players.”

Knox even proceeded to hold multiple hats, going on to hilariously predict what he thought the weather would be and advising fans to bring water.

“There is a possible chance that it gets to the 100s,” said Knox. “Really hot, bring some water and stay alive baby.”

Not only was Knox the epitome of how passionate every Tennessee fan should have been for the highly anticipated game, but he also wasn’t half bad in what was likely his first time on live television. He certainly had a good amount of charisma.

[Sam Rothman on X]

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