Mack Brown is back, and so is Return of the Mack.

In 1996, Mack Brown was the head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels football team (a role he held from 1988-97), and English R&B singer Mark Morrison released the (unrelated) hit single “Return of the Mack.” With Brown now surprisingly back as head coach in Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Sports Channel 8 produced an amazing rewritten version of “Return of the Mack” Wednesday, complete with their own singing and a slideshow about all the various 90s reboots in pop culture:

Here’s the original for comparison:

That’s just amazing, and very well done by Sports Channel 8. It’s not everything that can tie Mack Brown to Twin PeaksMurphy Brown and chokers, but this does it well. And there’s even a subsection on conference realignment! In any case, the jury’s definitely out on how the 67-year-old Brown’s return to Chapel Hill will go, but at the very least, it gave us this piece of art.

[Sports Channel 8]

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