KCEN/KAGS sports anchor Ben Peck narrating softball highlights. Credit: Ben Peck/KAGS

The life of the local sports anchor is chocked full of never-ending breaking news, wild highlights, impossible deadlines, and…dogs?

Central Texas sports anchor Ben Peck showcased how, sometimes, all of them intersect and there’s nothing you can do but put your head down and get it done because it’s due on the air in ten minutes.

Peck, a sports anchor and assistant sports director for KCEN and KCAG, showed how the sausage is made when you’re 10 minutes out from your deadline and you’ve got to narrate some highlights ASAP, all while dealing with your dog who doesn’t seem to be interested in getting out of your way. The anchor not only shared what that looks and sounds like on X over the weekend.

While highlights from the College Softball Super Regional play, we see Peck navigating his antsy pooch while keeping track of what happened and what’s important for the audience to know. At no point does the fact that he has a dog snout or dog butt in his face get in the way of getting the job done.

“It’s the things you DON’T see on camera in this business,” Peck added in the post.

The highlights ended up running on KCEN and KCAG’s 10:00 p.m. news that evening.

Good work by everyone involved, especially the dog.

[Ben Peck]

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