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Ricky Williams, the former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner, has a long history with weed, which made a certain comment he made Wednesday on Longhorn Network all the more hilarious. During the network’s preview of the Texas Bowl between Texas and Missouri, Williams gave a prediction for how many passing yards Missouri QB Drew Lock would record:

“320. You know, when we sit in the meetings and go through these, it’s tough when you go first. I wanted to be the high guy — not the high guy, I can’t say that. I wanted to be the person with the most amount of passing yards. I’m going with 320. I think it’s gonna be a big day for Drew Lock.”

No, Williams was not high on live television. At least we don’t think so. It was just some funny phrasing that understandably cracked up everyone on set.

As for the prediction itself, it’s pretty lofty. Texas hasn’t allowed 300 yards passing since facing Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield on October 14.

In the past, Williams has opened up to SI Films about his history with weed and discussed weed with Seth Rogen and Bill Simmons on Simmons’ HBO show Any Given Wednesday. Williams claims he was drug-tested at least 500 times during his NFL career. He retired before the 2004 season after facing a substance-abuse suspension, but returned in 2005 to play five more seasons.

In the last couple of years, Williams has advocated strongly for medicinal use of marijuana in the NFL as a safer alternative to opioids, even looking at weed as the NFL’s potential savior. In 2016, he also opened a marijuana-friendly gym.

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