Reggie Bush on Fox. Reggie Bush on Fox.

On July 1, Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff panelist Reggie Bush tweeted a statement that he was making a push to have his college records reinstated, and most importantly, get his Heisman Trophy returned.

At the time, the release of the statement seemed to make sense given the changes to NIL rules that went into effect that day. Given that college football players are now allowed to profit off of their name, image, and likeness, Bush wants to see the sanctions and punishments against him retroactively removed. The former USC running back was infamously banned by the NCAA in 2010 over impermissible benefits that he and his family received from an agency. All of his stats and records were removed from NCAA record books and he was forced to give back his Heisman Trophy. Bush was only just welcomed back to USC last year

While the rules might have been different at the time, the court of public opinion appears to be on his side now and his role on one of the biggest pre-game college football shows in the country certainly gives him a pulpit to spread that message.

Now we know there was perhaps another reason Bush wanted to restart the conversation about his Heisman Trophy and records. Per Variety, Bush has announced a partnership with Believe Entertainment Group to make a documentary about his Heisman Trophy being vacated.

“After all these years I’m finally ready to tell my story, I hope this can help drive change with the next generation of student-athletes,” Bush said in a statement. “We’re making some progress, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Bush will be one of the executive producers of the documentary.

Kirk Fraser, who directed ESPN’s “30 for 30: Without Bias” will direct the film. Per Variety, the documentary is expected to cover both Bush’s role on USC’s championships football teams as well as the fallout of what happened after.

“Providing Reggie with the opportunity to tell his story, in his words, and reclaim his legacy is a parable greater than this one man,” said Fraser. “The heart of this story will explore one of the most infamous controversies in college football history and reveal the ongoing contentious culture inside collegiate sports.”

Believe Entertainment told Variety they’ve spent a year working with Bush to make the documentary happen.

“There is so much more to explore, and we all believe this documentary is going to resonate in a major way with young athletes and a very wide-reaching audience of both sports and non-sport fans,” said William H. Masterson III, co-founder, Believe Entertainment Group.


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